Posted: July 24th, 2021

NURS 3046 | Nursing | Caring For a Patient With Blood Born Disease


Providing equal care to each affected individual is my accountability as a nurse, nevertheless in some circumstances I caught between my personal and public view, thus hesitate to supply care to some victims significantly to the affected individual affected by HIV. HIV has transform a essential threat for the properly being system and I am afraid of affected by the sickness whereas providing care service to the actual individual with HIV. Furthermore, there are some social stigma that restricts me to include throughout the treatment of HIV (Välimäki et al. 2010, pp.674-679). Thus, I am coping with difficulties in utilizing my personal and public view to reinforce the usual of service.

Battle between non-public and non-private self:

My public view signifies that I am positive to supply essential care to the individual, whereas my personal view limits my functionality to supply care to the actual individual with HIV. It is my non-public notion that care technique of a affected individual with HIV akin to bringing meal, feed them, change clothes and essential sign analysis require a lot much less effort to verify private safety (Karman et al. 2015, pp.65-75). Thus, I am ready to include in such care course of. Nonetheless, I actually really feel there are one other method of caring the HIV affected individual that wishes additional safety alert, akin to injecting medicines, blood transfusion, clearing the vomit and feces, conduct IV fluid test and cleaning urine bag (Välimäki et al. 2010, pp.674-679). Based mostly on me there's extreme chance of getting contaminated all through such care course of, thus I actually really feel uncomfortable in involving in such duties. Such stigma and personal notion has been influenced by some cultural stigma. I've acknowledged that people with HIV should endure from social isolation and negligence. I've realized from some literature that society beliefs that HIV is self-established and it is largely contracted by homosexual people. Our society nonetheless isolated such people and since the illness is alleged to sexual transmission, the victims should face big insult and blame for his or her illness (Tomori et al. 2014, pp.907-913). In addition to the one that is affected by HIV on account of using illicit medicine will be blamed for spreading an an infection. Such individuals are characterised as harmful people they usually're stigmatized by the neighborhood. Such socio-cultural concepts have contributed to my personal view regarding HIV (Karman et al. 2015, pp.65-75). I do know that it is my accountability to help the affected individual in managing the illness, nevertheless on account of my non-public beliefs and concern of social isolation I prohibit myself to include throughout the treatment. Such battle between my personal and public self has created difficulties in reconciling views, thus affected my prime quality of service.


The regulatory authority of nursing provides customary of observe that is compulsory to maintain up for a nurse. Stay away from accountability because of battle between non-public and non-private view ends in the breaching of tips equipped by the same old (Cannaerts, Gastmans & Casterlé 2014, pp.861-878). Thus, it is important to eradicate such cultural have an effect on from scientific observe. It's important for the nurses to copy on their observe and values to ascertain their errors. Interrogate non-public views by the use of reflective observe would help them to take advantage of their non-public notion with a view to reinforce their prime quality of service reasonably than induce them to steer clear of their duties (Heffernan et al. 2013, p.45).


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