Posted: July 25th, 2021

NURS7019 | Clinical Practice | The Medication Administration Procedure


Within the midst of our nursing analysis, all the students had been taken to a healthcare coronary heart for gaining wise data on medical practices. We had been supposed to utilize our private data and important pondering capabilities referring to which therapy to supply to the affected individual. I chosen to supply oral antibiotics to adults which was an incredible experience for me whereas one pupil accurately gave medicine by way of intramuscular injection and one different pupil poorly utilized the subcutaneous injection .The constructive half was they knew the 5 writes of therapy and the harmful half was they did not check any allergy propensity of subcutaneous injection.


These finding out experiences have made me actually really feel that the act of administering a medication is only a bit part of the expert job inside the therapy administration course of. There are totally different very important roles harking back to situations needing analysis of dosage, alternative of medicines, timing, in depth care, understanding the psychology of the affected individual and plenty of totally different options are interrelated (Papathanasiou, Tsaras & Sarafis, 2014). Apart from the oral administration of medicines, the administration of intramuscular and subcutaneous injections requires the nurse to focus on the affected individual’s medical historic previous, preferences, allergy signs, adversarial outcomes and others (Nasca, Weiss & Bagian, 2014). In a nutshell, if the oral course of need additional care and deeper notion, the injection apply needs elevated experience of administration.


Among the finest part of the experience is that, by this wise software program of our data and analysis, we'll become greater healthcare workers and straightforward administrators of medicines. After this we'll assess the moods of the victims and provide care in response to that. The affected individual safety parts shall be greater understood and safety measures might also be learnt to utilize accurately. It was a bit harmful and we feared of inflicting damage to the victims because of we had been doing it for the first time nearly. The administration of therapy requires excessive focus and the prospect parts are terribly extreme (Middleton, Grimley & Alexandrov, 2015).


Medical finding out is a crucial part of nursing education. In medical finding out school college students are prepared for the long term medical work. It occurs best in very important wise environment moderately than inside the classroom (Häggman-Laitila, Mattila & Melender, 2016). Essential take into consideration medical finding out is the prevalence of medical education. Lack of acceptable devices to measure the environment has affected my medical finding out experience. A protracted time with the victims and involvement in one other medical duties could have enriched my medical experiences additional.


It might be helpful if I'll have engaged into the administration of medicines by way of injections too. I had an curiosity of attempting these experience too. Apart from providing oral medicines to adults, I'd like to go to the child half and spend some hours of my day observing their points with care and provide appropriate medicines to them.

Movement Plan

In future, I will improve on my sickness detection experience by discovering out additional medical books and journals really helpful by my instructor. I've understood that the detection of the sickness is basically probably the most important work inside the medical apply. There is a extreme likelihood of creating use of incorrect therapy on the affected individual with out exactly recognizing the nicely being state of affairs. I will interact myself in a wise medical finding out course of and anticipate to do away with the confusions that I confronted inside the remaining healthcare coronary heart I visited. I hope to build up additional data inside the following three -4 months on how one can check the affected individual, how one can detect the illness and how one can give good dosage to medicines to the victims


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