Posted: July 22nd, 2021

Nurse Working on the CPU Ward


This report focuses on the expertise of a employees battle situation.  The outline of the situation, emotions in the course of the incident, the optimistic and destructive points of the incident, its evaluation and motion plans are elaborated within the following paragraphs.


Like each day, I used to be analyzing the blood sugar and blood strain of the sufferers and taking a notice of the identical, however swiftly, a senior nurse approached me in a rage and began yelling at me citing that I used to be doing it in a unsuitable method. She accused me of not listening to her directions and ordered me to maneuver out of her method. She furiously asserted that she has no time to show me the identical factor repeatedly and she's going to take the readings as an alternative. All these occurred in entrance of the sufferers, and I felt eminently dangerous. I apologized to her and proceeded to depart the room and verify on one other affected person, however to my utter dismay, she adopted me there and ordered me to take Mr. Jones, the affected person of mattress 9 to Bathe. She additional said that she couldn't work with incompetent nurses like me. She merely refused to show me something and even work with me all via the shift. I felt dangerous was an understatement. I felt dejected (Bulman and Schutz, 2013).


I adopted her order and labored accordingly. I took care of Mr. Jones and carried on with my duties sincerely. I attempted to method her all all through the day, however she was enraged with me all day. I used to be not in a position to fathom the explanation of her anger and that disturbed me probably the most. I used to be fairly assured about my work and was blissful about my document of accomplishment, however this incident shattered that perception and I used to be fully damaged at the moment. I used to be sure to really feel dangerous as I used to be being yelled at with out even attending to know my fault. I used to be a bit offended on her as nicely for scolding me in entrance of the sufferers, as I consider she may have prevented that (Standring, 2015).


This incident shook my confidence to some extent. All of the expertise I had gathered whereas working as a pupil nurse appeared void to me. I began feeling terrified of endeavor any process fearing that I might be yelled at in entrance of all of the sufferers. Nevertheless, this expertise helped me rather a lot to develop into a greater learner as now, I keenly observe what's being taught to me in order that I can implement the identical flawlessly (Tashiro et al., 2013).  I've developed an intense urge to show the senior nurse that I'm not, an incompetent nurse however a honest learner.


Whereas analyzing the incident, I understood that even I used to be at fault. I being a pupil nurse ought to have been extra cautious with my work. It was my duty to study the issues exactly and work accordingly. Senior nurses have many sufferers to take care of and lots of works on queue. It was pure for her to get offended, as she has to deal with all the things going down within the ward. She couldn't have afforded any errors, as she is the one who's answerable to the upper authorities. Subsequently, she would naturally need all the things to be flawless (Jones, 2016).


 I ought to have taken the permission of the senior nurse earlier than continuing to attend the sufferers, as she being the senior has each proper to know my whereabouts. Furthermore, I may have dealt with the state of affairs calmly and will have politely requested her about my errors and the way can I rectify them, as an alternative of merely strolling out of the room. Alternatively, the senior nurse may have pointed my mistake and train me the precise solution to deal with issues as an alternative of throwing me out of the ward. Nevertheless, it was my responsibility to method her, know my errors, and rectify it. I put a little or no effort in that and that may me the explanation of her being offended with me all via the day. Furthermore, I ought to have been extra cautious whereas attaining the sufferers (Husebø, O'Regan and Nestel, 2015).

Motion Plan

I've learnt rather a lot kind this incident and have arrange my thoughts to not repeat the identical errors, in order that related incident by no means happens once more. I've determined to observe all of the directions given to me, very sincerely. I might be extra centered on my work and study all the things completely in order that I by no means give my seniors any alternative to get offended on me. I might seek the advice of my senior nurses each time wanted and observe their directions accordingly. This fashion I might not solely have the ability to study extra successfully but additionally have a superb efficiency document. I should be a superb listener and eager observer to realize my goal (Davies, 2012).


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