Political Influences During The Opening Ceremony Of Cafe Asia

Political Influences During the opening ceremony of Cafe© Asia 2013 and International Coffee and Tea Industry, Mr. Toe Seer Luck, Minister for Trade and Industry stated “This is not my first time trying to supporting this industry. I have plans to bring in Cafe© concerns into the heartlands to appeal to our HAD residents. ” According to Spectrometer (2013), Mr. Toe S. L. Is encouraging Singapore to not only trade in the coffee community but also to adopt it as a lifestyle.
Economic Issue According to Blackwell (2011) and CE (2013), other than petroleum, coffee is the oral’s second most traded commodity. Over the last few decades, the flourishing coffee culture has preceded to an over-whelming success for plentiful of coffee franchises tremendous increase in supermarket sales. Social Issue Chug,B. H. (2005) reported that the rates of disposable income spent on food has been rapidly growing due to high percentage of eat-out. Context from Gangway (n. D. ) also proved that the disposal income of middle class is increasing due to the growing numbers of working women.
In a recent case study by Estate (2010), it was shown hat many Singapore are now having their meals at coffeehouses and consuming coffee to keep them awake, regardless of races and beliefs. Coffee is now been recognized as beverages instead of drinks. Technology Issue In the modern era, technology has progressively become an important and significant role in the food and beverage industry. Many organizations are using technology to create awareness through social media and other digital marketing channels and also for branding and recruitment purposes (Dolan, 2012). Pest analysis By SSL

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Political Influences During The Opening Ceremony Of Cafe Asia
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