Programming Assignment/Lab 1

Assignment Content

Create class Date that can output the date in multiple formats. You may assume that the user enters the data correctly and that there is not a leap year. Output the date entered by the user in all three of the following formats (with today’s date as an example):

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Programming Assignment/Lab 1
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MM/DD/YYYY (09/04/2019)
Month name, DD, YYYY (September, 04, 2019)
DDD YYYY (247 2019)

Use overloaded constructors to create Date objects initialized with dates of the formats and content enters by the user. There should be a default constructor, the second constructor should received three integer values, the third a string and two integers, the fourth two integers. The user should get a menu of options to enter the date in any one of the three formats. Then the program will convert that entry and display all three formats with a well formatted output to the display. The program should loop continually until the user is done entering dates and chooses to exit.

Your files should include the Date class and a DateTest class which contains the code to test your class functions. Also, your submission files should include execution screenshots showing that all options are working correctly. Grading criteria are listed in the associated rubric. Two attempts for submission are allowed to provide an opportunity to ensure all files are included.


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