Q 1.  Professional Communications:  Describe one thing you’ve gained more insight into regarding professional communications this week.  An example could be an email, a conversation you had with a co-worker, or a meeting that you were part of.  What did you observe that was effective?  What did you observe that was not effective? What key take-aways do you want to remember?
Q 2.  Time Management:  What three words first come to mind when you think of ‘time management’?  At the end of the day, how do you feel your current time management approach is working?  What area presents the biggest challenge for you to overcome?  What have you observed or discovered about time management as it relates to your internship work activities?  List two strategies that you want to focus on incorporating into your routine this semester.  (Check out the Time Management Resources folder for some tips to ponder).
 Q3.  Professional Ethics:  What does “integrity” mean to you? How do you personally assess if someone has integrity? How do you assess yourself?  What does “ethical behavior” mean to you? What characteristics would you include in your definition?  List and describe 3 points of professional ethics important for your field.  Describe an example of unethical or ethical behavior you have observed thus far at your internship site.  Relate this back to a previous situation you have experienced, and compare how you feel now.

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