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What security considerations are involved?
Since I recommend a cloud-based network Verbania would need a cloud-based security software and a security software for their office computers. Cloud-based security offer the same functionalities as you would with any traditional IT security such as protecting your important information from theft, data leakage and deletion. The great aspect of having a cloud-based security is that you will operate at different levels and still be protected.  Another aspect of cloud-based security it allows you attack the threat from different angles verse traditional IT security. With cloud-based security most company have their data center located in different country that have strict laws on how people can gain access to your company data and by having multiply data center in different country you will have a greater chance of protecting your important asset from data leakage and deletion.
Cloud Security
Traditional IT Security
Third-Party Data Centers
In-House Data Centers
Low Upfront Infrastructure Investments
High Upfront Costs
Quickly Utilization
Lower Efficiency
Reduced Time to Market
Longer Time to Market
Usage-Based Cost
Higher Cost
Quick scalable
Slow Scaling
The next security you must worry about is the security on your company computer. I recommend Verbania to go with McAfee Security Suite. The reason I choose the software is that I can protect the company across multiply device that may connect to the company network and do work on it also; if the company allow the employees to connect their personal devices to the network it can install the software to the devices to protect the company from external threats (McAfee, n.d.).
Amazon. (n.d.). AWS: What is Cloud Security? Learn the basics about security in the cloud. Retrieved from
McAfee. (n.d.). McAfee: Explore the McAfee product portfolio. Retrieved from

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read it and respond to it. i need quality response. Due tomorrow
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