Posted: July 22nd, 2021

Reflection On The Management Of Care

This essay will current a reflective journal describing the totally different care necessities of sufferers from three totally different shopper teams present process surgical procedure. I'll describe the care of one of many shopper teams and subsequently evaluate and distinction the variations of their wants. This reflection will discover the methods and expertise for administration used within the supply of care to those people and show the team-working expertise crucial for an efficient working relationship within the scientific setting. I'll present an appreciation and understanding of the right way to determine measures to guard and assist wounds to offer optimum circumstances for therapeutic related to present evidence-based follow. The modified model of Driscoll’s reflective framework shall be used. The descriptive a part of the journal might be present in Appendix1.These three shopper group will embody the next: child George 1 12 months outdated little one., Helen 35 12 months outdated feminine and Damian 70 12 months outdated male. All names of the three purchasers teams talked about are nameless to keep up affected person confidentiality (HPC, 2008)


Through the means of care to the above shopper teams I shared the group’s want to grasp the absolute best final result for all the sufferers. Interdisciplinary affected person care requires widespread values, a standard imaginative and prescient, and an understanding of teamwork with the final word objective of serving three distinction shopper’s group with knowledge (Ray, 1998).I additionally needed to show recognition of the wants for Helen, Damian and George, and imagine that they need to be considered valued human beings who deserve the perfect care. Kumar and Hutton (1998) states that the duty of the theatre personnel lies in sustaining the security consolation and welfare of the affected person from the time he arrives within the theatre till the time he departs.

In theatre atmosphere one in all my function was to behave as Helen, Damian and George advocate by means of their journey thus making certain that their dignity and rights was within the forefront of preoperative care (Wicker and O’Neil 2006). Damian, George and Helen have been of various age and had totally different surgical procedure, in response to their wants, their proper to dignity, privateness and respect remained the identical and the excessive normal of care delivered mirrored that. On this state of affairs George and different purchasers group privateness and dignity perioperative at all times been maintained and a heat blanket has be used to cowl the kid and different purchasers group till surgical procedure commences (Woodhead et al. 2005).

As a pupil ODP, I used to be chargeable for the supply of excessive normal of care for 3 totally different shopper’s teams. The Well being Professions Council (2008) states that registered practitioners should be capable to work, the place acceptable, in partnership with different professionals, assist employees, shopper customers and their kinfolk and carers. While Helen was on the desk I checked consent, wrist band and surgical aspect with the scrub practitioner, the surgeon and the remainder of the group to make sure that proper affected person is offered for the proper process that each one particulars and knowledge can be found, and that preoperative preparation is full (Torrance and Serginson 1999). An agreed preoperative WHO guidelines has been carried out by one in all my colleagues to launched ourselves and focus on our shopper in order that we have now a shared understanding of the affected person situation and the operative problem (or that it could be a simple process with no anticipated issues) (Wilson and Walker 2009).

Proof based mostly follow has turn into an necessary a part of the standard required inside the peri-operative atmosphere. All theatre practitioners are required to maintain their skilled follow updated and there's additionally an growing expectation for the practitioner to develop analysis based mostly follow and to maintain knowledgeable on the subject of related analysis findings (Hind and Wicker 2000).The information and expertise have been essential elements for efficient working relationship within the theatre to keep up security atmosphere individually for every of the mentioned group. Well being professionals ought to attempt to make sure high quality and security for these in our care (RCN, 2003).

For Helen and Damian I ensured the temperature was 22C and made positive that the warming gadget (Bear hugger) was positioned excessive of their physique to keep up and monitor their physique temperature. Due to the potential morbidity related to hypothermia and hyperthermia, you will need to monitor physique temperature and to institute measures to keep up temperature as near regular as attainable (Townsend et al. 2004). Nonetheless carried for George, I adjusted room temperature to 25C and warming gadget was additionally utilized. Kids have the next floor space to physique weight ratio in contrast with adults, and they also lose warmth extra quickly. Neonates and preterm infants are significantly inclined to hypothermia (Bingham et al. 2008).

Torrance and Serginson (1999) state that the theatre practitioner wants to concentrate on and monitor security with regard to: security switch and positioning of the affected person, strain reduction, pores and skin preparation, asepsis, diathermy, swabs, needles and devices. Switch of and positioning Helen, Damian and George for the orthopedic surgical procedure onto the working desk was carried out by the theatre group with excessive care and with regard for any earlier accidents or limitations of joint motion (Torrance & Serginson 1999). We have been conscious in regards to the implications of insufficient motion within the above purchasers. Accidents can vary from transient aches and pains and minor pores and skin abrasions to paralysis and even lack of life (Beckett, 2010).Strain reliving gels was supplied to protected Helen and others purchasers aligned with strain ulcers attributable to long-term procedures. Unrelieved strain on a selected space of the physique will have an effect on the blood provide to the pores and skin and underlying tissues inflicting that space to turn into broken (Hampton and Collins 2004).

Gear was chosen acceptable to the age and particular person necessities of every shopper. George in contrast with others teams of shopper required appropriately sized gear which was used of all instances, e.g.: diathermy plates, arm boards, particular pediatric desk attachments for positioning (Woodhead et al. 2005). I made positive that sterile discipline consisting the scrub group, trolleys and the draped affected person was maintained. Packets have been opened and sterile objects handed to the scrub practitioner in a fashion that didn't compromise the sterile discipline. As I used to be circulating I observed that asepsis (or aseptic approach) was necessary and it concerned all the sensible measures taken to keep away from ingress microbes to a inclined website (akin to instrumentation, theatre air flow, and non contact approach), or to kill or take away them from that website (akin to pores and skin antisepsis and wound cleaning) (Fast and Thomas 2000). Aseptic approach was used throughout all invasive procedures for Helen,

Damian and George in stopping surgical website an infection from microbial contamination.

Throughout all teams of shopper operations the scrub practitioner used non-touch approach by passing sharp devices akin to blades or sutures on receiver in order that the working surgeon could carry them versus passing by hand (Pirie, 2010). Devices have been positioned within the impartial zone by the scrub individual after which picked up by the surgeon or the assistant, and vice versa (Gruendemann and Magnum 2001).

As soon as Helen’s operation was accomplished, I handed the required wound dressings to the scrub nurse. This additionally types part of the circulating function. It's due to this fact necessary that the scrub individual or surgeon ensures that the proper dressings have been requested to optimise wound therapeutic. Bentley (2004) means that efficient wound administration and use of acceptable dressings ought to be based mostly on an understanding of the therapeutic course of. Wound therapeutic consists of 4 phases that overlap; these are inflammatory, harmful, proliferation and maturation (Nazarko, 2002).

The steps within the wound restore course of embody irritation across the website of damage, angiogenesis and the event of granulation tissue, restore of the connective tissue and epithelium and finally remodelling that results in a healed wound (Gunnewitch and Dunford 2004).

The roles of surgical dressings are primarily to stem bleeding, soak up exudates and supply mechanical and bacterial safety for the newly shaped tissues (Aindow and Butcher 2005). As Dealey (1994) highlights, the surgeon is chargeable for inflicting the wound, though the majority of the duty for making certain that the wound heals with out problems falls with the nurse. Lay-Flurrie (2004) urges that theatre practitioner ought to have a very good information of the dressing properties traits and an thought of what

is to be achieved. Using an inappropriate dressing could end in harm to the friable and delicate tissue beneath (Lay-Flurrie, 2004).

Throughout this surgical procedure I additionally learnt that the wants of every particular person shopper’s wound at any specific time after the surgical procedure must be prioritized as it could differ whereas it progresses by means of the therapeutic course of. The hospital the place I used to be on placement used two most important forms of dressings for postoperative wound administration, these fall below the next classes, materials and movies. (Aindow and Butcher 2005).The wound dressing used for Helen’s proper shoulder arthroscopy was Mepore (cloth) for a dry small incision in contrast with Damian’s whole hip alternative; the surgeon used Opsite (movie) for bigger incision. Mepore incorporates pads to soak up the exudates produced by newly shaped wounds. Nonetheless whereas they type an efficient barrier when dry, they'll facilitate bacterial ingress when moist (Aindow and Butcher 2005).Opsite gives a barrier which prevents the contamination of the wound with extrinsic micro organism, together with MRSA. Because the wound is seen, dressing elimination is pointless to examine the wound. This additional minimizes trauma and the chance of unintentional wound contamination (Aindow and Butcher 2005). Ennis and Meneses (2000) state that, many persistent wounds akin to strain ulcers, take months and generally years to heal, turning into caught within the inflammatory and proliferate part of wound therapeutic.

Further measures to cut back the chance of an infection ought to be taken; these embody avoiding pointless publicity of the joint implant for Damian’s surgical procedure. Subsequently it shouldn't be faraway from packaging till required. In depth dealing with of the implant ought to be averted (Eppley, 1999, citied by Radford et al.2004). DOH (2003) state that, wound care has a big influence on the entire drug finances and it's important that restricted sources are used correctly and successfully. The first objective of wound cleaning is to take away natural and inorganic particles earlier than the appliance of a wound dressing, thus sustaining an optimum atmosphere on the wound website of therapeutic (Morrison and Wilkie 2004).Blunt (2001) agrees that wounds ought to be cleaned to take away overseas our bodies, akin to particles, extra exudates, necrotic tissue or slough all of which may turn into a spotlight for an infection.


Whereas working as a member of the multidisciplinary group, the significance and worth of teamwork has turn into obvious to me all through my coaching and I've learnt how good communication, expertise and dealing collectively ensures efficient affected person take care of the three totally different shopper teams present process surgical procedure.

I've been in a position to set up and keep a protected working place by improved confidence which has led to an enchancment in my competence.

I imagine that I've turn into a valued member of the theatre group by anticipated with the scrub group by passing acceptable devices, sutures and wounds dressing to protected Helen and different purchasers from the an infection and lined to keep up them dignity.

It additionally demonstrated my capacity to discover and critically analyze personal tasks within the following space determine measures to guard and assist wounds to offer optimum circumstances for therapeutic.

The expertise described enabled me to replicate deeper on my capacity to assist totally different teams of sufferers and because of this my dedication to realize the perfect affected person final result.


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Throughout my placement within the orthopaedic theatre, I took the function of the circulating individual for the primary operation on the record that day. Helen (pseudonym) was 35 years outdated girl, and was having proper shoulder arthroscopic surgical procedure.

Earlier than Helen arrived within the theatre, I took nice care to make sure the working room had been cleaned and had all of the gear and instrumentation for the process obtainable. I adjusted the temperature within the theatre to 22 c and humidity between 40-50% .Subsequent I helped the scrub nurse with gowning and gloving. I adopted aseptic approach and opened related sterile packs, pouring lotions and I did the primary swab, instrument and needle depend with the scrub individual so it was recorded on the board.

When Helen arrived into the working room on a trolley, I made positive there have been sufficient members of employees to securely switch the affected person from the trolley onto the working desk utilizing a pat slide making certain that the affected person’s dignity was maintained. The anaesthetist took duty for the affected person’s head, neck and airway, and co-ordinated the group because the affected person was turned. Helen was positioned within the left lateral place along with her arm positioned in traction for higher entry to the shoulder joint. Earlier than the switch I ensured that the doorways have been closed and affected person was not uncovered unnecessarily and throughout the positioning of Helen my function included a ultimate examine, to ensure that affected person was appropriately lined and ensured strain reliving gels have been positioned below her left shoulder, buttock and heel.

While Helen was being transferred from the trolley onto the working desk enough padding was supplied and physique alignment was maintained. She was secured with a strap and the decrease arm adjoining to the top. I checked the affected person consent, affected person’s wrist band and surgical aspect with the scrub practitioner the surgeon and the remainder of the group. The WHO guidelines was learn out loudly by one in all my colleagues to determine any issues and issues from anaesthetic and surgical aspect (blood loss, ASA grade).Moreover, a pneumatic compression system (flowtron boots) was employed prophylactically towards deep vein thrombosis, the diathermy plate electrode was hooked up and ”bear hugger” a affected person warming gadget was positioned.

When draping was accomplished I adjusted the sunshine and assisted with connecting the monitoring gear, and positioning the diathermy machine and suction tubing across the working desk in order that they didn't compromise the sterile discipline .I ensured cables have been secured. I accomplished the affected person care plan, and stuffed out the pathology type for the specimen making certain that the shape bore the affected person’s label containing particulars of the affected person’s identify, handle, date of beginning, NHS quantity and affected person quantity.

Through the surgical procedure I anticipated the wants of the surgical group, particularly finishing up the directions given by the scrub individual. I counted needles, blades, and devices and in contrast the depend with the board.One of many theatre practitioners measured and knowledgeable the surgeon and anaesthetist about blood and fluid loss recording it on the board. Underneath the course of the scrub practitioners I collected the specimens into the specimen containers, labelled with the affected person’s label which included the identify of the specimen which was confirmed with the surgeon. I did the ultimate depend of the swabs, needles and blades and devices then handed the surgeon the required wound dressing.

As soon as the wound was appropriately dressed all group helped to take away the affected person drapes and switch her to the supine (place mendacity on the again) on the trolley. Utilizing a blanket I lined the affected person. I signed the operations register with the scrub practitioner on the finish of the operation.

When Helen had gone to the restoration, I began to scrub and put together the theatre for the subsequent case.


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