Response paper about the Columbian Exchange ( HISTORY)

Instructions: Answer the following question in an essay format with an introduction (where you frame the question and give the reader an idea of what you will be arguing), a body (where you lay out your claims and evidence), and conclusion (where you summarize, but don’t repeat, the primary points of your essay). Your responses must be typed, 3-4 pages in length and draw on Bulliet et al., class notes, and primary source readings.  The most effective response papers will go beyond repeating the readings (or lectures) and offer creative new interpretations of the evidence presented in class. You are expected to draw on material from Part I: Prelude to Modernity.

Question –
The Columbian Exchange yielded a variety of different outcomes, but historians generally agree that it was transformative. Describe the Columbian Exchange. What was exchanged? What were the consequences of that exchange? What, in your opinion, were some of its principal benefits? For whom? What have been its greatest negative consequences?  
Has a clear thesis that is substantively supported throughout the work.
Citations are clear, accurate, and according to the style guidelines and page limits.
Arguments display insightful use of class lecture material and readings.
Makes multiple clear connections between the book and class material using cited evidence from class material
The writing is clear and engaging. It is well organized with topic sentences.
Adheres to page limits. 

Style and Formatting: All papers should clear, convincing, and following the assigned style guidelines. They should have a well-defined thesis, intro, and conclusion backed up with substantive and well-documented citations. Citations are required (Chicago Style with footnotes suggested). The papers should follow the following format: Times New Roman font; 12 point; double spacing; 1” margins; use page numbers. Print double-sided if possible. The title should clearly and creatively evoke the topic and argument of your paper.

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Response paper about the Columbian Exchange ( HISTORY)
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** You can use the sources attached and any peer reviewed source with a proper citation and proper use **
Also, you can use this book as a source: Bulliet et al. The Earth and Its Peoples, Volume II: Since 1500: A Global History, 6th Edition. 


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