Posted: July 24th, 2021

SOCA6190 Gender and Social Change: Gender Focal Point


Gender focal point holds positive place for supporting the senior managers and the Secretary-Primary as a technique to carry out their duties for implementing the gender mainstreaming inside the substantial working programme (Lind 2018). It is to note that the place won't be related to the gender equality promotion all through the division paying homage to to promote the gender steadiness, the life factors, the harassment comprising of the gender delicate factors and sexual harassment. Such factors are thought of by the Departmental Focal Elements for Girls.


The Gender focal point is a spot the place a person is appointed as a gender focal point and have a variety of duties to do and are not basically specialists. There primary responsibly include- to assist the gender mainstreaming by the use of strategy of advocating, supporting and advising the expert staffs and monitoring the progress.


It takes a lead place inside the preparation of a variety of paperwork such as a result of the Gender Mainstreaming Approach doc, the Gender Mainstreaming Briefing Package deal and the Nationwide Gender Profile. With the equivalent, it moreover work with the native NGOs and the other specialists as a technique to assure that the Nationwide Human Development Report is representing the gender perspective in every chapter (Basu 2017.) Apparently, it moreover ensures that the report is along with a chapter that is providing an complete picture in regard to the gender relations along with the women rights inside the concerned nation. Moreover it's to note that there are particular duties of the administration gender focal point in context to program, office administration and operations.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Among the many many United Nation Firms, the gender equality is no doubt one of many acknowledged targets and the vitality of reaching it is not challenged (Ahl and Nelson 2015).
  2. There's an curiosity inside the topic of gender factors inside the topic diploma, among the many many NOU staffs straight engaged inside the technique of enterprise implementation.


  1. The issues on gender are seldom thought of inside the enterprise design
  2. Gender won't be involved inside the compulsory reporting
  3. The extent of the involvement of gender focal components inside the technique of decision-making stays very low and it is drastically a function of- the place inside the group as determined extraordinarily by the job titles; the division sizes and the sizes of the duty stations (Vohs et al. 2018).
  4. There's little or no or fully zero collaboration with the gender focal components and the gender advisers of the IAs.


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Basu, Okay., 2017, April. Discrimination as focal point: markets and group id. In Dialogue board for Social Economics (Vol. 46, No. 2, pp. 128-138).

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