Sociology and Age Section Ch

Ch 10 What role does the media need to play in ending gender violence? What is the glass ceiling? Why are women a minority group? In what countries mentioned in the text has mass media helped create an incipient women’s movement by showing women that other gender relationships are possible? What was the result of the remarks made by the President of Harvard University suggesting women had inborn characteristics making them less competitive than men in fields such as engineering? What did the Vietnam veterans study find out about aggression?
When the media replaces older female broadcasters with younger ones while keeping older ones, what might explain this? How do feminists feel about female circumcision? What is the glass escalator? What is gender tracking? What is disengagement theory? How do sociologists view gender based behavior? What is an age cohert What is suttee in India? What was Engels explanation of patriarchy? In which sociological perspective do theorists focus on how the meaning of “old age” shifts based on the changing conditions of society? What is life expectancy? What are honor killings?
What were the 3 waves of feminism? What were the goals of each? What is the definition of feminism? What is activity theory (age section ch 10) Which era lead to the greatest increase in life expectancy? What is unintentional sexual discrimination in healthcare? Ch 11 What is a rational-legal authority? A charismatic leader? Who in US history has embodied both? Which country pays the most social security taxes? Which type of leader is believed to be touch by God? What are criticisms of socialism? What is capitalism? What happens when economies have both?

The Ruling class are Domhoff’s description of which group? (Ruling class) What are their characteristics? What is totalitarianism? Give examples. What invention lead to the industrial era? What effect does industrialization have on traditional authorities? In capitalism, who determines the cost of goods? What is a political action committee? What lead to conspicuous consumption? What is convergence theory? Early systems of government closely resembled what type of social institution? Town hall meetings are held to create laws in which type of government?
What are the 3 conditions of war? What is the global villiage? Which theorist stated an items value is based on the work that goes into it and that profit is made by paying workers less than this? What are the 3 sources of authority identified by Weber? Who has a monopoly on legitimate force and violence? What is the political gender gap? What is the most common title for the ruler of a city state? Which theorist says authority must be deemed legitimate by the people? Ch 12 In both single mother families and married couples what is the most common childcare for working mothers?
What is the sociological definition of marriage? What is serial fatherhood? What are the biggest strains in the US family? What percent of US marriages are interracial? Is the family universal? Who says? Which theory is going to look at the meaning of women’s work? What trends are expected to continue in education? What influence does industrialization have on family structure? Which racial/ ethnic group is least likely to be headed by a married couple? Who are the most common incest offenders? Which racial/ethnic group is most likely to have strong fatherly influence?
Which theory identified that the family provides economic production, socialization, care of the sick and aged, etc.? Who are DINKS? SINKS? Who are boomerang children? Ch 13 What did Marx say about religion? What do schools have to do with the cultural transmission of values? What are they? What were the 2 major goal of education when it was first introduced to the masses? What is tracking Which theory says religion gives meaning to our lives? What is gatekeeping in education? Which functions of families are now being fulfilled by schools?
What was the Inquisition? What is a credential society? What does it mean to be born again? What is mainstreaming of disabilities? How does money influence school admission in Japan? Religion has been used to justify denying homosexuals rights in America. What would a conflict theorist say this says about religion? What is ecclesia? What was the result of the remarks made by the President of Harvard University suggesting women had inborn characteristics making them less competitive than men in fields such as engineering?

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