Spanning the Justice System

4-6 pages 
For this assignment, you will interview a law enforcement officer regarding his or her views about accepting gratuities. 
During the interview with the officer, you will discuss the following topics related to gratuities, reporting on the interview in your Individual Project report:

Determine from the officer the department’s official policy related to gratuities, and relate how strictly that policy is enforced.
Discuss any “unofficial” code regarding gratuities.
Does the officer feel that he or she should be allowed to accept small gratuities such as free or discounted meals or coffee? 

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Spanning the Justice System
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You will then explore and report on the following questions in your Individual Project report:

Discuss in detail 2 basic arguments against the acceptance of gratuities.
Do you believe, based upon your reading of the topic of gratuities and your interview of the police officer, that gratuities lead to more serious breaches of ethics in law enforcement? Provide support for your assessment. 
cite references, APA format


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