Posted: August 5th, 2021

The Audiogram: Explanation and Significance

Background Data:

Mr Rahman, 50, has labored on this metal welding manufacturing unit as a technician supervisor for the ultimate 30 years. He has used disposable listening to security solely inside the last 5 years. Mr Rahman tales drawback in talking collectively along with his colleagues, listening to in a loud state of affairs and ringing in his ears. His predominant priority is that he need to hear increased at work notably on the cellphone. He wears an present set of listening to aids (non­-digital) for five years already nevertheless considering an enhance using this year-end bonus as he finds the current set always “whistling” and “not clear”.

With new listening to aids, he would moreover hope to take heed to increased when talking collectively along with his boss. Lastly, he would moreover hope to take heed to the TV increased. He is moreover concern with value nevertheless would moreover want to get to at least one factor that can help him.


Title of Audiometrist: Jerome Lee Title of Audiometrist: Parvynpal Kaur

Title of Audiometrist: Yow Weng Onn

Group Suggestions:

Based totally on the outcomes from Mr Rahman audiogram, it was seen that he has an inexpensive to excessive blended listening to loss in every ears as a result of the bone conduction could also be very close to the air conduction.

The low frequency of decrease than 1 KHz will likely be heard clearly on the left ear and slight drawback on the acceptable and having drawback listening to frequencies above 1 KHz in every ears. Bone Conduction masking was completed on the acceptable ear at 500 Hz to examine if the left ear was aiding the acceptable ear via the examine.

It was moreover discovered that there was no vibrotactile affecting the acceptable ear thus no occlusion influence.

One different audiogram machine that helps assemble on the thought is the “Rely-the-Dots” audiogram developed by Killion and Mueller in 1990 and updated in 2010. The Rely-the-Dot diagram has 100 dots, each representing 1% of speech understanding. Throughout the areas further important to speech understanding, the dots are nearer collectively. In areas which could be a lot much less important, the dots are far apart. Using the Rely-the-Dot Audiogram, Mr. Rahman will miss out 50% of the phrases as most pronounced alphabet are inside the elevated frequency fluctuate. Common human speech ranges from 250 Hz to 6 KHz at a decibel of between 10 dB to 50 dB subsequently having drawback in talking collectively along with his colleagues.

Ski Slope is a kind of a skew curve that impacts a person which is able to hear at low frequency of 250 Hz & 500 Hz can is having difficulties listening to above 1 KHz. On this state of affairs, complain of listening to nevertheless not understanding would occur further usually. By the usage of a listening to help, it could help him to take heed to clearer. (EXPLAIN MORE)

Mr Rahman is probably not able to hear the telephone ringing and the noisy freeway environment clearly as a consequence of his listening to. As a result of the bike is about 100 dB, his listening to at 80 dB at 4 KHz, he might need a hit or miss state of affairs which will likely be dangerous.

The utilization of the listening to protectors to forestall noise induced listening to loss and to chop again the noise energy from reaching the interior ear when uncovered to 85 dB for longer than eight hours. He has been working in a metal welding manufacturing unit for over 30 years and solely started sporting listening to protectors from the ultimate 5 years. (EXPLAIN MORE)

The listening to aids Mr Rahman is presently using is a non-digital set, identical to a microphone which amplifies the encircling sound and is unable to isolate sound accurately. In addition to, to detect the excellence in background and foreground sound. The whistling sound occurs when the dome loses and would not sort an excellent match and a noise often known as “recommendations” or there are wax assemble up inside the ear. He is making an attempt to get an enhance for his current listening to aids which may recommend a digital set for him. The profit as compared along with his current set is smaller thus lighter, increased noise low cost, able to adapt to the environment and produce a clearer sound which is way much less liable to the recommendations noise that Mr Rahman is experiencing presently. Normal this enhance for Mr Rahman will most likely be acceptable for him to talk increased collectively along with his colleagues.


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