The Harsh Truth in the Filipino Curriculum

The Harsh Truth in the Filipino Curriculum In the Filipino society today I cannot help but notice that when it comes to intellectual stuff the English language is more commonly used than the native language. James Syrians one of the students of Atone noticed this and he even made an article about it which enraged many people. In my opinion James Garrison’s Article has a point, it’s looks negative at first but it actually has a good meaning. But he problem is that most Filipinos are too stubborn to accept the truth.
When he said that the Filipino language is commonly used in the streets I agree because you wouldn’t use the English language in the local street stores or when dealing with local vendors because it would look awkward. One of the probable reasons why his article has received many negative criticisms is because in some parts of the article he used his own perspective based on the environment he grew up in especially hen he said that the Filipino language is not used on intellectual.
But ironically the school Atone(his school) uses the Filipino language for intellectual arguments. Since James Garrison’s articles presents the problem that the Filipino language has today it would be good if the Depend would check this article and come up with something to help flourish the Filipino Language. I would suggest that they modify the curriculum wherein they would use the Filipino language in teaching some major objects like Math and Science during grade 1-6 so that the students would understand it better.

Because during those years the students haven’t even mastered their mother tongue and it would be better to let them learn it well first before teaching them the English language. The article of James Syrians may look very offensive for a Filipino at first but if we read between the lines we can learn a thing or two about the state of the Filipino language in the current curriculum.

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The Harsh Truth in the Filipino Curriculum
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