Posted: July 28th, 2021

The Influence of Teenage Pregnancy Reality Shows 

There are 200 episodes of Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant combined, with as a lot as 2 million viewers per episode. The reality television current goes by the use of the lifetime of teenage mothers and their being pregnant. The teenage mothers categorical their mindset of being a youthful mother and insights on their lives. Lauren Dolgen, the creator of 16 and pregnant, wrote an article on Cable Info Group sharing why she created the gathering. She says that her intention for creating the gathering was to share “cautionary tales regarding the penalties of unprotected intercourse, and the actual fact of turning right into a father or mom too early.

” The gathering has certain sides that discourage teenage being pregnant and others that can promote teenage being pregnant. The reveals, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, discourage teenage being pregnant in youthful grownup females.

The media has an affect on people of all ages, nevertheless primarily kids and children. Media and experience is what the children this know-how grew up in and that's the type of society that they are a part of.

The media can merely change the opinions of the viewer. Jennifer Stevens Aubrey, from the Division of Communication on the School of Arizona, carried out a study on Understanding the Outcomes of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant on Adolescent Women’ Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behavioral Intentions In path of Teen Being pregnant. She outlined how the social cognitive concept labored, and the way in which viewers develop a reference to characters of media by the use of homophily and parasocial interaction (Aubrey three). The social cognitive concept is a concept that claims observing others has an affect on a person’s actions.

She defines homophily as “the diploma to which viewers perceive themselves to be identical to the characters by the use of traits, abilities, and backgrounds,” and parasocial interaction is “when the viewer perceives a relationship of friendship with a media character based mostly totally on affective ties with that persona” (Aubrey three). Aubrey goes into additional factor on how the social cognitive concept works with the viewers watching. The connection a viewer has with the media has an affect on how they relate the state of affairs to their life. Within the occasion that they see the person on this system not having a constructive experience with being a teenage mother, the viewers is discouraged to have an toddler at this age. Some people may say that the media would not affect the way in which by which people may think within the precise world. That these productions are purely for leisure. Melissa Kearney and Phillip Levine from the Nationwide Bureau of Monetary Evaluation studied, The impression of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant on Teen Childbearing. They state that the leisure media references 16 and Pregnant as a hit current primarily based off of Nielsen Television rankings (Kearney and Levine 10). Aubrey helps this stage as correctly by saying 16 and Pregnant is basically probably the most, “extraordinarily rated cable current amongst female viewers 12–34 years of age in 2010.” Extreme rankings level out that the gathering attracts numerous viewers attributable to its entertaining qualities. The gathering does must be entertaining for it to achieve the television enterprise, nevertheless it is not solely leisure, its tutorial sides are as deliberate as a result of the leisure sides. “16 and Pregnant may be conceptualized as an entertainment-education program, as a result of it seeks to entertain and educate its goal market” (Aubrey 2). The current is intentionally made for audiences to accumulate a look into the mothers’ lives as a technique to review teenage being pregnant. An occasion of an instructional second inside the current is when, “Three-quarters of the women (36 of 47) report not using any kind of contraception on the time they acquired pregnant” (Kearney and Levine 9). The manufacturing is demonstrating the affect of not using contraception displaying a first-hand experience for the youthful viewers to review from. The current is every entertaining and tutorial, making it a technique to affect kids to discourage teenage being pregnant. This technique may be attention-grabbing to audiences because of it is a actuality television current that is full of an extreme quantity of drama.

The gathering illustrates the hardships of being pregnant and a mother at such a youthful age. “Merely over half (24 out of 44) of the relationships between the girl and her boyfriend each collapsed or have been very strained by the tip of the episode” (Kearney and Levine 9). That's an occasion of how the precise lifetime of a teenage mother’s relationship with the daddy. Eliana Dockterman, a writer for Time Journal that focuses on women’s factors, outlined how the mothers,“battle with the fathers of their kids (numerous whom have now left them), battle with their mom and father (who're typically supporting them), battle financially, battle to finish their diploma and watch their associates get pleasure from promenade and faculty with out them.” The manufacturing is full of drama and undesirable existence for a youthful grownup. These conditions have a detrimental impression on a teen’s opinion in path of being a youthful father or mom persuading them to not get pregnant at this age. By bringing consideration by the use of the mass media of teenage being pregnant, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom may be seen to glamorize teenage being pregnant. It might seem glamorized because of the reality that kids crave the movie star which will embody the gathering. Plenty of the mothers featured on the reveals become celebrities and place fashions to teenage women (Dockterman). Given that assortment is a well known, well-known current, it'd seem it is glamorized, nevertheless observing an exact episode, it reveals drama and an undesirable life kind. Even when the manufacturing is glamorized, which it is not, then most the viewers will perceive that the gathering is barely unrealistic and know the current is not promoting teenage being pregnant. Inside the study Kearney and Levine did with kids,“82 % of youngsters who report watching 16 and Pregnant level out that it “helps youngsters increased understand the challenges of being pregnant and parenthood.” Solely 17 % report that it “glamorizes teen being pregnant’.” Establishing the struggles of being a youthful mother impacts the overall prices of teenage being pregnant.

The fees of teenage being pregnant have been taking place by way of the years inside the U.S. These assortment have had a slight affect on aiding these prices. Heather D. Boonstra from Guttmacher Institute writes inside the passage, What Is Behind the Declines in Teen Being pregnant Costs?, “There was a “51% decline in U.S. teen being pregnant from a peak in 1990, along with a 15% drop between 2008 and 2010”. With a decrease in teenage being pregnant prices, it portrays that there is a correlation between the gathering airing and the decrease in teenage being pregnant. Though there is a correlation between the teenage being pregnant prices taking place, the current won't be the rationale for that correlation. Dockterman writes, “Though researchers who reviewed the study said the outcomes are sound, it solely proves correlation, not causation”. There was a study that this assortment has had direct outcomes on the velocity of teenage being pregnant. The Nationwide Bureau of Monetary Evaluation concluded that the “outcomes of this analysis recommend that the introduction of this MTV current led to a 4.three % low cost in teen births inside the 18 months following its preliminary airing”(Kearney and Levine 2). The Nationwide Bureau of Monetary Evaluation discovered that geographical areas with additional viewers have had additional of a decrease in teenage being pregnant prices. (Kearney and Levine 11). Kearney and Levine’s data depicts that the viewing of the MTV program has direct causation inside the decrease in teenage being pregnant prices. There are a lot of viewpoints on whether or not or not or not these packages promote or discourage teenage being pregnant, nevertheless it is evident that the current discourages teenage being pregnant.

The gathering, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, have an effect on its viewers to not must care for being pregnant and caring for an toddler as a teen. Media is able to have a substantial impression on the lifetime of the viewers. The manufacturing exhibits an undesirable life-style for a youthful grownup. With the media participating in such an crucial place in kids’ opinions, it has been able to have a constructive affect on the velocity of teenage being pregnant. The media has a critical affect on influencing the viewers, nevertheless mustn't always affect morals and opinions on important life-changing choices people may make. With over half a billion views of the gathering, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are making an impression on how people may view teenage being pregnant.

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