Trace the evolution of your profession (UNITED STATES ARMY ACTIVE DUTY FEMALE SOLDIER), field   of study(HUMAN RESOURCE NCO), or branch of service(ARMY), starting in the Cold War era and continuing all   the way to the present, globalized world. Discuss what you consider to be  modern  challenges that you face that your predecessors did not.
As you gather research, make sure to consider important social, political,   and economic movements, such as the types of military, economic, and civil   rights struggles that have been discussed in this course, and how that may have   impacted the daily life of the profession you chose to write on. 
Your final product should be one to two pages in length. You are required to   use a minimum of two reputable sources, which must be cited and referenced  using  APA format. You are encouraged to use the CSU Online Library, but you are  not  required to do so. Refer to the tutorials mentioned in the previous  assignments  to help you decipher appropriate material to use in your research.

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