Who would be able to complete this in a timely manner?

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In Chapter 4 of Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher,  Mills (2014) shares that “the strength of educational research lies in  its triangulation, collecting information in many ways rather than  relying solely on one” (p. 104).

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Who would be able to complete this in a timely manner?
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Complete the Data collection worksheet to include the following:

Area of focus statement
Brief description of proposed intervention

The following table provides a completed sample of:

Up to three research questions (you will have between one and three  questions for your study) from Week One Discussion and Assignment.
An appropriately aligned data collection tool.
An explanation as to how the tool will help you answer your research question.

Research Questions

Data Collection Tool 

Why this tool?  Justify its use in your study.  How does it match with what you are attempting to find and to measure?
Will the incorporation of project-based learning  improve students’ state assessment scores as it relates to the Common  Core State Standards in comprehending non-fiction text?

District Common Assessments (post-test)

This research question requires quantitative data collection.   The answer of this question is either yes, the incorporation improves  test scores or no, it does not.  District common assessments, which  assess Common Core State Standards as well, can also be used for  post-test data.  
Will the inclusion of project-based learning improve  student application of comprehending non-fiction text at a high depth of  knowledge level?

Pretests and post-tests

Pre- and post-tests can give quantitative data to support  findings in the examination of the artifacts and with the observations.
How does project-based learning integrate clear expectations and essential criteria and remain successful?


This question seems to only be able to warrant qualitative data  collection because it needs first-hand accounts of what expectations  and criteria were used that indicated success.  Questionnaires can give  the researcher an opportunity to view how the teachers instill the  expectations in the students.
For an example of a finished triangulation matrix, see page 105 of Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher.
*Copy and paste the entire document into your discussion post or submit the document as an attachment.


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