Topic:(read book book name is between the world and me)
 times new rome 12
 2 pages double space
One margin
follow the instructions below
• At least two typed pages, double spaced, one-inch margins
• You MUST include the following:
o Why did you choose this book? Include the Title and Author and give at least
two reasons you chose it
o Provide an overview of the story’s content, which includes the main
characters, the main conflict, and the resolution to the problem. (Or for
non-fiction, a summary of main points and examples)
o Explain how the book illustrates the theme you identified. Please use at least
4 direct quotes with the page numbers from the text to support your
o Explain why you would or would not recommend this book to a friend. Be sure
to include the overall message or main points of the work.
• Your Reflection Essay is due the first week of School.
• You will meet with the teacher / staff member who sponsored the book and turn in the
essay after discussing it with your group.
• The sponsor will assess your participation in the discussion and evaluate the paper based
on the rubric below:
Scoring Standards: Each item receives a score of 1 (low) – through — 5 (high)
1 = Substandard 2 = Severely lacking 3 = Adequate 4 = Effective 5 = Outstanding
1. Identifies and explains at least two reasons for choosing the text and includes title and author
2. Explains how the text illustrates a theme: Essay uses 4 quotes (with page numbers) to support
what you claim as the theme.
3. Essay provides the full sweep of the book – what are the main elements of plot:
• Who are the main characters?
• What is the central conflict?
• How does it all end?
4. Includes insightful recommendation to a friend, which includes the book’s overall message.
5. Quality of grammar and spelling; participation in discussion.
6. SCORING………. 25 possible points
20 – 25 points = High Pass………..Worth 3 points added to 1 st Quarter English Grade
10 – 19 points = Pass………………Worth 1 point added to 1 st Quarter English Grade
9 points and lower…………………Need to Re-do the essay
***If you do not sign up for a book by end of June, one will be assigned to you!
***Plagiarized work will result in School disciplinary sanctions and re-do.

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